24 September 2010

ons-connect] Passive connection,6101 missing connect

After starting up Oracle SOA Suite 10g, the following two behaviors are experienced:
  • An incredibly large amount of TIME_WAITs on port 6100.

  • Endless loops of the following error in opmn.log:
      08/06/25 12:24:38 [ons-connect] Passive connection,6101 missing connect
      08/06/25 12:24:38 [ons-connect] Passive connection,6101 missing connect
    In other cases, you may get Local connection 0,,6100 missing form factor.

    This usually happens when Oracle Database 10g is installed on the same physical server as Oracle SOA Suite 10g.

  • Details
    1. On the Oracle Database 10g ORACLE_HOME, edit the file $ORACLE_HOME/opmn/conf/ons.conf:
    Current values:

    Change them to these values (make sure these ports aren't taken):

    These ports are conflicting with the values found in the SOA Suite opmn.xml file. These values default to:
    <port local="6100" remote="6200" request="6003">

    2. Restart the database listener:
    lsnrctl stop
    lsnrctl start

    Applicable Versions
    Oracle SOA Suite 10g (
    Oracle Database 10g (

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