21 September 2010

FRM-92050: Failed to connect to the Server: apps11i

FRM-92050 Failed to connect to the server

IForms interface was not launching with this error:

FRM-92050: Failed to connect to the Server: apps11i muthu.testserver.com:8000

Java Exception:
at java.io.DataInputStream.readInt(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.net.SocketConnection.connect(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.initConnection(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Runform.startRunform(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Main.createRunform(Unknown Source)
at oracle.forms.engine.Main.start(Unknown Source)
at sun.applet.AppletPanel.run(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

I tried doing a telnet apps11i.justanexample.com 8098. This is a good test to see if the service is running. The service was not running. It was started through adfrmctl.sh. When I tried again, it connected but on pressing enter the connection was broken, which should not happen.

I found a direct hit in Metalink Note: 438231.1

Forms Server is up (f60webmx process is shown as a result of "ps -ef | grep f60" command) but when starting the forms server with the following command instead of adfrmctl.sh:


The issue is caused by the following setup: $FND_TOP/bin/f60webmx is renamed (e.g. to $FND_TOP/bin/f60webmx.sav) or removed and thus is inaccessible.

A similar issue is described in Metalink Note 1079806.6: Failed to Exec Runform when Starting Forms Server.

To relink f60webmx, I executed:

adrelink.sh force=y ranlib=y "fnd f60webmx"

It errored out with:

make -f $APPL_TOP/admin/out/link_fnd_21892.mk $FND_TOP/bin/f60webmx

Metalink Note 178919.1 describes this problem and sites missing file as the cause.

adrelink.sh force=y ranlib=y "fnd f60webmx"

f60webmx got created without any errors this time.

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