08 May 2011

How to check your installed product is full or shared

SELECT a.application_name,
FROM fnd_application_vl a, fnd_product_installations b
WHERE a.application_id = b.application_id
AND b.application_id IN (453,800,801,804,805,808,809,810,8301,8302,8303,8403)
ORDER BY a.application_id;

Status :-
Human Resources Intelligence    453    HRI    I
Human Resources    800    PER    I
Payroll    801    PAY    I
SSP    804    SSP    I
Advanced Benefits    805    BEN    S
Time and Labor    808    HXT    I
Time and Labor Engine    809    HXC    I
Learning Management    810    OTA    I
US Federal Human Resources    8301    GHR    I
Public Sector HR    8302    PQH    I
Public Sector Payroll    8303    PQP    I
Labor Distribution    8403    PSP    S

Output is    S    -  Shared
OutPut is   I    -  Full

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