08 December 2010

Modify the Windows XP System Properties logo

  1. The next thing to consider is the image size. The system properties dialog only offers enough real estate for an image of about 180 (wide) x120 (high) pixels. Make sure that you can fit your logo in this area.
  2. Once you have created your logo and saved it as a .bmp file, copy it over to the system32 subfolder of your system folder. If you don’t know where your system folder is :
  3. - Click the Start button and select “Run”
    - In the “open” field, enter “cmd” (without the quotes) and click ok
    - will open up a dos command window
    - In the command window, type “set system” (without the quotes)
    - Look for the line that contains “SystemRoot”, this is where your system directory is (generally, the XP system folder is c:\)
  4. Now that you know where your system folder is, copy your logo image file over to the system32 subfolder of your system folder. Then rename your logo image file to oemlogo.bmp
    Additionally you can create a new file in this same folder and name the new file oeminfo.ini
    In this file you can enter your contact information like in the example below :
    [Support Information]
    Line1=” ”
    Line2=” For support, sales, upgrades or questions:”
    Line4=” Some text to demonstrate the XP System Properties logo”
    Line5=” XP Tips and Tricks ”
    Line6=” Pctipsbox”
    Line8=” +1 (888) 888-888 (voice)”
    Line9=” +1 (888) 888-889 (fax)”
    Line12=” http://www.pctipsbox.com/
    Save and close the file and you are ready. From now on, if someone opens up the system properties dialog, your own XP System Properties logo is in there.

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