13 October 2010

How to create context file in DB tier

[oracle@muthu bin]$ ./adbldxml.pl tier=db appsuser=apps appspass=apps

Starting context file generation for db tier..
Using JVM from /oracle/NEW/newdb/11.2.0/jre/1.4.2/bin/java to execute java programs..

The log file for this adbldxml session is located at:
AC-20010: Error: File - listener.ora could not be found at the location:
indicated by TNS_ADMIN. Context file can not be generated.

Could not Connect to the Database with the above parameters, Please answer the Questions below

Enter Hostname of Database server: muthu.testserver.com

Enter Port of Database server: 1526

Enter SID of Database server: NEW

The context file has been created at:
[oracle@muthu bin]$

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